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General Discussion / Combination of ONline and Offline jobs
« Last post by Kgord on Today at 10:10:51 AM »
Do you do any jobs that are a combination of online and offline work? As I mentioned mystery shopping is one, that generally involves some work in the community, but the majority of the report writing and so forth is online. I would imagine photography would be another. Sometimes courthouse research can be another. What kinds of jobs have you had which involve online and offline work?
General Discussion / Re: How did y'all find out PL was back?
« Last post by Kgord on Today at 10:08:15 AM »
I saw from Forum Wheel that someone had put down in a recent comment that PL was one of her biggest earners! I was thinking PL?? Anyway, I checked and found out it had started back up again. I was very happy since I used to really like PL. I also had some money owed to me from before, and I was paid, so that made me extra happy!
General Discussion / Re: Faking it on forums
« Last post by oportosanto on Today at 09:30:13 AM »
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I'm not sure others feel this way, but to me, there's a huge difference between faking/lying about who we are and writing about something we may not be fully familiar with.

Examples:  If I want to write for a place that wants people who work with power tools and I'm not very familiar, I will take some time for intense research to find out about the topic and then take a stab at writing about it.  I will probably ask hubby to let me use some of the power tools before I write.

On the other hand, if someone wants teenagers for their writers, there is no way I would pretend to be a teenager because then ethics and fraud comes into play.

Pretty much as I feel too, I just try to deliver what the forums owners are asking. If I don't know the topic I go study it to learn or else my posts will not make sense. Some forum owners even say, pretend you are this or that, so they know what they are coming to.
Miscellaneous / Re: What is better than Postloop?
« Last post by oportosanto on Today at 09:12:12 AM »
If we sum it up some survey sites pay better than PL. I've tried Upwork, but I can't say I liked the interface that much. If I am not mistaken we need to apply to jobs there right? You get writing jobs from those sites @Kgord?

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Article writing is usually better, and sites like UPwork and Textbroker pay better than Postloop. I even do well on sites like Prolific Academic, but there hasn't been on there much lately as most universities and reserarch institutes are in or will be in soon their summer hiatus. I think Prolific is going to be slow over the summer.
General Discussion / Re: Thrilled that Postloop is Back
« Last post by oportosanto on Today at 09:05:15 AM »
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Over the moon and then some! I was really disappointed when PL went away, because as a SAHM it was a great way not only to earn a little bit of pocket money here and there, but also to have some interaction online with other adults! The social nature of posting on forums is something that appeals to me, and if I can earn a little bit from it then it's even better.

Ever since it closed down I had been trying to find similar things online where I could get paid for forum posting, but didn't find anything in the same category as Postloop. Hopefully it will go from strength to strength and be a little pocket money earner for me again!

Yeah, I've been with Postloop right to the end, but when it was over I joined Forum Wheel (not that different) and had free time to discover quite a few other best paying sites, so it ended up being a good thing. :)
General Discussion / Re: How many sites will you still look at?
« Last post by oportosanto on Today at 08:54:31 AM »
Pretty much what I am doing too, and today most likely I will only do 2 forums. Even more after reading on the PL support page that there are forums rating 2.0, it's scary to join new ones.

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I am being more cautious this time a round. When I first joined, I subscribed to what was available and there was a pick of 100 a day.

I would rather spend time on a few rather than try to aim to cash out each day as I used to. I don't mind posting on blogs, and I hope that will surface again, but the important thing is to make sure the system doesn't get abused again, and I have a feeling some people are already doing that which is putting off some forum owners.
General Discussion / Re: How did y'all find out PL was back?
« Last post by oportosanto on Today at 08:52:37 AM »
Yeah, a lot of familiar names true. :) I knew about it on Community Casino, it was posted there that Postloop was back, so I came in to check it out. Still hoping for more forums to appear though haha.  8)
General Discussion / Re: How did y'all find out PL was back?
« Last post by kim1984 on Today at 05:59:35 AM »
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I'm on another forum called Forum Coin where I have a few friends and dip in and out, and Ryan, the former owner posts there from time to time. I saw a post there and read what had happened and went back to check my old account.

It's been about a month now, but I was wary at first as is normal, but so far it seems fine.

That's great that everything seems normal - I would have probably been a little worried if I didn't see some familiar faces posting on here again! It definitely made me feel better seeing your name on here!
Writing Gigs / Re: Real name or pen name?
« Last post by VinayaSpeaks on Today at 02:39:52 AM »
I use my real name. However, I have also used a pen name. In my experience, writing on real name has more benefits compared to writing on pen name. People believe you when they know the writer is for real. Real name also establishes you as a brand.
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