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General Discussion / Re: Get Paid to Teach English Via Video
« Last post by VinayaSpeaks on Today at 12:29:20 PM »
I use English as a second language, which means my English is not as perfect as natives'. However, I have studied English all my life. I have even attended English language development course. Maybe English teaching job is not for me, but I see opportunity in this. There is a demand of English language in Asian countries, especially in China. The natives with good language skills can actually make money by teaching English to Asians.
Interesting list. I haven't heard of most of them and I know a few but I had never tried these things. I'm affraid of getting something dangerous that could break my cellphone so that's the big reason that stops me from trying.
General Discussion / Re: Tired eyes
« Last post by reginafalange on Today at 11:02:51 AM »
This is a terrible thing for us who work online, it's been happening to me the last few months and usually I end up with a headache. When I start to experience this I try to stop for a few minutes, lay down and close my eyes, sometimes I put ice on them and it helps a lot. I went to the eye doctor like two months ago and he said I should wear my glasses all the time while I'm sit with my computer to try to avoid this but still happens, just not as intense and often like before
General Discussion / Re: Have you ever gotten in a forum fight?
« Last post by reginafalange on Today at 10:30:03 AM »
I've never had. I know there are some people that live to create controversy and they could start a fight out of nothing relevant just to do something so if this happens I don't pay attention and ignore them, I think is the most mature thing to do.
General Discussion / Re: Internet Disconnection
« Last post by reginafalange on Today at 10:24:17 AM »
Luckily I have two internet connections at home with two different servers and when one fails I have the other as a back-up so it's kinda rare when I lose my internet connection at all but it has happened.
General Discussion / Re: Internet Disconnection
« Last post by VinayaSpeaks on Today at 10:01:21 AM »
My internet connection is very unreliable. Because of this unrealiable internet connection I have subscribed internet with two different internet service providers so that I can switch to another when there is problem with the one I am working on. Sometimes both connections do not work at the same time and it is very  frustrating. Bad network connection becomes a headache especially when you are downloading sometimes. When internet interrupts, your download will be interrupted and you have to fresh start.
General Discussion / Re: Get Paid to Teach English Via Video
« Last post by freebird37 on Today at 09:50:15 AM »
This sounds like a fun way to make money, and you are actually helping someone. I would imagine the pay is better than most other online work. I would love to find one job online that pays well enough so that I could relax, instead of pulling myself in all directions doing this and that. I don't know that I would qualify though because I have such a deep southern accent. There are other jobs online, that I haven't really looked into where you can use your voice to make money, there's probably a niche in there somewhere for someone with an accent like mine.
I've always made it a policy to cash out as soon as possible when I join a new site, but once I trust a site I usually allow money to accumulate rather than receive very small payments. However that doesn't always work, as I discovered when ChatAbout closed down with no notice. I'd just reached the minimum payment threshold a few days earlier but hadn't bothered to redeem yet and once they closed, my money just vanished along with the site.

Right now I'm slightly over the minimum at Postloop and was thinking of letting the money grow a bit before cashing out, but I'm starting to wonder whether that's wise. Besides seeing a zero balance in my account might incentivise me to put more effort into reaching the next payment.
I would ask the forum owners to reply to questions from the new members when they need help with something. So far I haven't had any issues from any of them besides getting no reply. I can generally figure it out on my own though. I'm not exactly sure how the rating system goes, but it would be nice if they would rate the writers without having to be asked. Most of the forum owners have pretty clear instructions of what they expect from you and I try to follow those guidelines.
General Discussion / Re: Write on Workersonboard Talk
« Last post by freebird37 on Today at 09:36:35 AM »
I really love the idea of being able to write articles. I want to start freelancing and need to get some samples to add to my resume, this would be a great way of doing that. Reading the articles will be great also because we can get some useful information from other people who have tried other various online job sites and get their opinions from them. It can help us by giving us a heads-up on what is worthwhile and what pays well.
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