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Author Topic: Download app/participate & earn $5 via paypal, same day!  (Read 451 times)

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The CNKT (pronounced "connect") app is a newer social platform app (andriod/iPhone) that serves as an informational base. They help gather opinions of the people and could potentially bring it to the attention of who it may concern. If you feel passionately about any topic, your encouraged to use CNKT to voice your opinion, where it is always heard. Every vote counts on CNKT.

They even have a promo going for this week:
If you download the app, sign in & complete 150 queiries (questions) you can earn $5! Takes 10 mins or so total. Pay is via paypal, same day. You can only make the $5 one time for being a new user. Just go to your app store and search "CNKT"

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